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Survey: The French Want More Children

Survey: The French Want More Children

The latest survey by the National Union of Family Associations (“UNAF”) published on 14 January 2021, reports that the French want to have more children. According to the report soon to be published by the French National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies...

Versailles Court Condemns Web Host for Advertising Surrogacy

On February 26, 2019, the High Court in Versailles condemned the web host provider of a Spanish website, for advertising surrogacy services in France. This decision was rendered after the Spanish website Subrogalia refused to delete their surrogacy ads which targeted French people. Already in 2016, the Lawyer’s Association for Children issued Subrogalia a formal […]

Parental Leave Policies: French Report Recommends Reform

On February 26, 2019 the French High Council for the Family, Childhood and the Elderly issued a report recommending reform in parental leave policies to improve balance between work and family life. Based on the shortcomings observed in the parental leave reform implemented in 2015, the recent report examines the issue of parents caring for […]