[Press Release] French Bioethics Bill: Alliance VITA Denounces the Government’s Inconsiderate Obstinacy


When they heard that the debate on bioethics will resume as early as January 19th in the Bioethics Committee, Alliance VITA denounces the inconsiderate rush job that President Macron and Prime Minister Castex intend to impose on the Senators.

While France is facing an unprecedented, multidimensional crisis, the executive continues to show inconsiderate obstinacy towards the nation and irresponsibility towards future generations.

Thanks to its listening services, Alliance VITA has experienced how crucial it is for individuals to have solid and stable benchmarks to begin 2021. We must take into account how the COVID pandemic has changed the situation. It has helped us realize that humanity is vulnerable and must be protected as well as nature.

In the face of such vulnerability and precarity, our immediate priority should endeavor to increase solidarity towards vulnerable people and to fight against loneliness and isolation. This is not the time to break the reference points which are essential for children, i.e. the necessary gender parity in the gestation process. Moreover, this past summer, how could the MPs have possibly voted to allow abortions of healthy babies up until the date of birth, instead of committing to better support pregnant women in psychosocial distress?

Make no mistake: ART “for everyone” would create a “right to a child” – and to a perfect one – and be detrimental to children’s rights. Increasingly artificial procreation techniques are diametrically opposed to the necessity of a human ecology. This also applies to increasing eugenics, not only widespread genetic screening of human embryos, but also creating human-animal chimera embryos and genetically modified human embryos.

The government supposedly favors developing policies to include the disabled, but this is incompatible with procreative eugenic methods.

Alliance VITA states:

The government has listed ecology as a top priority, but ecology cannot be separated from protecting human integrity. The bioethics bill is omiting three urgent issues which should be regarded as national priorities: genuinely working to solve infertility problems, terminating eugenic practices, and showing respect for the integrity of the human being. We call on our senators who are on the front line of defense for the rights of the most vulnerable, to protect future generations. We urgently call for this bill to be withdrawn.”

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