About us

Alliance VITA is an association which was founded in France at the end of 1993 when the first bioethical laws were at issue. The association acts on two principle axes:

  • Aid for persons confronted with life’s hardships and challenges.
  • Heightening public and policy-makers’ awareness to protect human life.
Help-lines and listening services for those confronted by life’s hardships:
  • Coordinated by professionals, these listening and accompaniment services are provided by several dozen trained and supervised volunteers.
  • SOS Bébé  for questions related to maternity : difficult or unplanned pregnancy : pre or post-natal mourning, the announcement of a handicapped child, miscarriage, voluntary and/or medical interruption of pregnancy, infertility (www.sosbebe.org)
  • SOS Fin de vie for questions related to serious illness or death : risk of unreasonable therapeutic obstinacy, euthanasia, burn-out of loved ones or care-takers, mourning, suicide : (www.sosfindevie.org)
Investigations conducted on bioethical subjects:

Since 1993, Alliance VITA has become a reference for topics affecting life.

The field work carried out by its personal assistance services is the base of its experience. To elaborate useful proposals, Alliance VITA has formed alliances with competent experts: doctors, lawyers, philosophers… VITA has also performed multiple investigations and surveys.

Alliance VITA is an association dedicated to research and training welcoming those who wish to participate in developing a culture based on the respect of the most vulnerable people. This is what must guide scientific and medical progress, because no one should be considered useless or too costly to keep alive. The debates in which Alliance VITA is involved, are sensitive, difficult and frequently complex issues. Emotions can manipulate. Ideology as well, no matter from which side it comes from.

This is why Alliance VITA insists on starting from specific, verifiable facts. From what is taught by science, sociology, history, and law… And also, by reports from the people who are directly involved. Defining the terminology, knowing the essential statistical data, and understanding the implications of technical advances require serious interdisciplinary analysis.

Awareness campagnes:

Alliance VITA alerts the policy-makers and the general public using national and international information campaigns.

Objective: create awareness in favor of protecting life, of respecting human dignity and of protecting children.

Alliance VITA is regularly auditioned by the public authorities and by Parliament on bioethical questions and the end of life.

The association organizes studies, exchanges and focus groups to address unresolved issues affecting society by scientific and technical developments and changing lifestyles.

Course of action: publications, articles, stands, conferences and debates, meetings, witnessing, collaboration with scientific, medical, and legal experts and with social institutions.

A network of volunteers throughout France:

network-alliancevitaExclusively financed by private donations, Alliance VITA has 37,000 supporters committed to the respect of life and human dignity.

A movement which is independent from any political party, Alliance VITA is supported by 1,100 volunteers organized into regional teams for each French department.

These teams are able to mobilize thousands of volunteers during widely broadcast campaigns.

A global commitment

VITA cooperates with associations in Europe and throughout the world on bioethical questions. In November 2014, VITA International opened its offices in Brussels, nearby the European authorities, and already has correspondents in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Luxemburg, and the United States.

The bioethics conference “Université de la vie” was launched for the first time in 2015 in Zurich, Berlin, London, Brussels and New York.

The managers of VITA participate in international symposiums, European Parliament auditions, and also large international initiatives like the abolition of gestational surrogacy www.nomaternity traffic.eu

VITA is a member of the association platform of the Agency for fundamental rights.

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