French Bioethics Law: Forcing through Ethical Red Lines


Alliance VITA denounces the way ethical red lines were crossed when the legislation was forced through the National Assembly in third reading. In total disregard for the fundamental principles of human ecology, this law puts in danger the rights of the most vulnerable individuals and will have consequences on future generations and implications for the direction of future research. Alliance VITA demands that the French be informed of the amendments contained in this new bioethics law.

President Macron’s majority group continues to obstinately yield to adults’ interests and ignore the rights of the child, allowing a new form of ART (Artificial Reproductive Techniques) which deliberately deprives the child from having a father.  

The government creates unprecedented changes in filiation which will foster a new kind of discrimination between children, since some will intentionally be cut off from their biological origins. Although parliamentarians from various political persuasions voiced their opposition, the government and its majority also passed measures allowing private institutions to manage sperm banks and stocks of human embryos, thereby opening the door to the reproductive marketplace.

By permitting the manufacture of human-animal chimeras and genetically modified human embryos, in total contempt of the precautionary principle, red lines are being crossed, which endanger the very integrity of the human species.

Alliance VITA deplores this headlong rush when an IFOP poll, published at the beginning of the week, has just confirmed that the French are basically in the dark regarding the amendments of the new bioethics law. The results of the poll also pointed out the request by the French that a precautionary principle be applied in bioethics and that limits be placed on research that could jeopardize the integrity of human beings.

For Alliance VITA, by capitulating to the lowest “ethical” denominator, the law of the strongest prevails. By forcing through this legislation, the government is hereby increasing the disparity between the bioethics law and the French citizens’ true expectations. We demand for political leaders to be consistent and to respect the global ecology which includes respecting humanity.

In the coming days, Alliance VITA will launch a major information campaign on the contents of the bioethics law, for the French, who were deliberately deceived by the emphasis given to the so-called “ART for all”.

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