[Press Release] Constitutional Council: Alliance VITA Calls for a Precautionary Principle in Bioethics


In a decision rendered on July 29th, the French Constitutional Council rejected all the points of contention raised by a group of parliamentarians who had referred the country’s new bioethics law to deliberation.


For Alliance VITA this crucial decision regarding the highly controversial authorization of human animal chimeras and transgenic human embryos is incomprehensible.  Why does the Constitutional Council refuse to issue any protective guarantee to prevent the new bioethics law from leading to eugenics?


How can the Constitutional Council nonchalantly exclude human beings from the precautionary principle along with everything which undermines the integrity of the human species?


Alliance VITA is now appealing to President Macron and the Parliament to extend the scope of the precautionary principle for the environment, in order to include bioethical matters and the protection of human beings.


* A recent IFOP survey carried out in June 2021 revealed that a significant number of French are basically unaware of the bioethics’ law contents. The survey results reveal their wish to have the precautionary principle applied to bioethics. 75% of the people surveyed want to set limits on the research which threatens the integrity of the human species and to put a ban on manufacturing human/animal chimeras and on genetic modifications of human embryos.”

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