Emerged from a coma 11 years after an accident…

Last August 27, Jesús Aparicio, a young 29 year old Spaniard, has emerged from a coma after almost 11 years, as if he had just gone to sleep the night before, remembering the exact circumstances of his car accident, and even the face of the driver who had hit him!

On December 12, 2004, the young Jesús, native of Seville, had a serious car accident. The car he was in, with 3 friends ran into another car and went off the road. Whereas the 3 others came out practically unscathed, the young man received a head injury and immediately fell into a coma.

From that moment onward, his family gathered around him and took care of him day and night, his mother continuing to hope that he would wake up one day. And, that is what happened last August 27, when the young man called for his mother. He is gradually recovering the ability to speak, as well as the psychomotor skills. He has a difficult time to imagine that he has spent over ten years of his life bedridden… “It was a terrible ordeal for all of us, but we were never discouraged, and we always hoped that this day would arrive”, recounted his mother, Rosario.

This incident reminds us that some people regularly « awaken » following different time periods of being comatose. Notably in the story of Angèle Lieby whose book “A tear saved me” recounts her “awakening”. Other similar stories have recently appeared.


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