[Press Release] 2017 French Presidential Elections: time to throw light on Hollande’s term

With only 30 days remaining before the first round of votes for the French Presidential elections, Alliance VITA decides to throw light on François Hollande’s 5-year term of office. It includes more than 30 destructive measures, penalizing families and attacking every stage of human life, thus making our society more vulnerable.

1 million flyers to be distributed throughout France 

With its network of volunteers, Alliance VITA is launching a national awareness campaign regarding the biopolitical challenges in the coming political election.

For the next 30 days, Alliance VITA’s teams will go forth to meet the public and invite them to address the candidates on these issues and to reserve their vote for the candidates who commit to repairing the damage and to defend the life and human dignity of all, even those who are the most vulnerable.

Who will repair the damage caused to society?

Caroline Roux, the association’s coordinator for assistance:

« From our experience in assisting those who are vulnerable, we realize how much the women and men in this country who are confronted with life’s struggles have been penalized by these 36 measures that we denounce.

In place of a prevention policy, abortion is being promoted, with a dozen measures on this subject alone. Pregnant women wishing to carry their child to term, are now discriminated against… At the end of life, the idea of having the right to be sedated until death provoked fear and complete confusion, among patients, their families, and the caregivers…. Without previously calling a national consultation on Bioethics, as specified by law, the government also placed the human embryo on a slippery slope towards commodification. These damages need to be repaired urgently.”

Tugdual Derville, Alliance VITA’s General Delegate :

« If there is a mainstream idea in this chaotic 5-year term, it is most surely the complete destruction of society, which has the most serious consequences on the most vulnerable. Whereas several candidates announce new biopolitical transgressions, the only genuine change must be to start repairing the damage already done to society.

This presidential campaign must address the key subjects for the future of our society. We can prove that a different “biopolitical” agenda could live up to the French people’s expectations.  

Confronted to Anglo-Saxon utilitarianism and mad scientists who are a menace to the very essence of humanity we urge the candidates to defend human dignity and integrity of mankind, at all stages of his life. “

Well known as an expert for alerting about bioethical concerns, Alliance VITA challenges the candidates who deny the damage caused to society on four main lines:

  • to protect vulnerable people: pregnancy, sickness, disabilities, loss of autonomy, or old age.
  • To support families by recognizing the value of the father-mother parity, by assisting pregnant women, and giving preference to the interest of the child.
  • To accompany vulnerable people, those living alone, the elderly, the homeless, by recognizing they are worthy to have a place in society.
  • To respond to technological challenges by using scientific progress to serve every human person.
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