[Press Release] New French Government: Alliance VITA more watchful than ever before

Alliance VITA’s first response after the new French Government appointments. General Delegate, Tugdual Derville gives us his reaction following the disclosure of Edouard Philippe’s government:

« Of course it is too early to evaluate the practical effect of these appointments. Nevertheless, here are a few comments:

  • A conspicuous absence: the Ministry for the Family


    A regrettable fact, if it means the collapse of a genuine family policy, which Emmanuel Macron implicitly announced during his presidential campaign when he promised individualized fiscal status for couples, thus degrading the value of the marital partnership. In our opinion, social policies to help families in difficulty should not replace an encouragement for families to stay together. Indeed, the family is a bulwark against the economic crisis and individualism, which ultimately affects the most vulnerable. However, it might be preferable not to have a Ministry dedicated to the family considering the deconstruction that prevailed during the previous presidential term, and the addition of an ‘S’ to the Ministry for the Family which became the “Ministry for Families”.

  • Regarding the appointment of Nicolas Hulot, our wish is that his well-known concern for the environment should not overshadow the issue of human ecology, that is an ecology which considers the heavy threats on humanity itself, for example by misusing biotechnology. True ecology cannot actually exist without protecting humanity against transhumanist fantasy and all experiments are performed using the most vulnerable human beings, especially embryos.
  • We welcome the appointment of two State Secretaries who are known as “mothers”: Marlène Schiappa, who audaciously communicated on her blog “Mom works” about the battles of young mothers. We hope that her investment in equality will also consider maternity as a value to humanity. Sophie Cluzel, appointed as State Secretary for Disabled Persons is committed to serve society, as mother of a child with Down’s syndrome. Knowing the derogatory attitude often adopted towards individuals with mental handicap, we are happy to have in this new government such an ambassador for these citizens who are too often forgotten or excluded.

These comments cannot predict the new government’s policies. We remain   especially cautious on two issues:

  • Euthanasia must not be insidiously introduced, making a broad interpretation of “the right for profound and continuous sedation until death”, which is written in the new law on the end-of-life, the Claeys-Leonetti law. VITA will request an appointment with Agnès Buzyn, the new Health and Social Solidarity Minister in order to clarify this matter.
  • We ask the government not to cross the red boundary line of legalizing artificial reproduction for single women and homosexual females, which would purposefully deprive a child from his father and from any paternal reference. After the 36 destructive measures implemented during Holland’s 5-year term, such a law would bring a new civilization crisis, since it would allow reproduction without male-female parity, which is the basic origin of all gender parity.”
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