Appeal to Sign Manifesto to Promote Palliative Services, not euthanasia


A recent appeal launched by the French Society for Counseling and Palliative Care “(SFAP)” is entitled “YES to comforting, and supporting.  NO to euthanasia.” “We refuse to let ourselves be trapped into a 2-sided debate that reduces patient care at the end-of-life to a proposition of euthanasia.” The manifesto was launched after several MPs signed an op-ed on February 28 in the French newspaper, “Le Monde”, insisting on a new law for euthanasia and assisted suicide. According to the “SFAP” with its’ 10,000 caregivers and 6,000 volunteers: “ The recommendations for implementing the Claeys-Leonetti Law of 2016 have not even been published, therefore it is essential not to increase patients’ vulnerability by constant legislation evolutions.” Alliance VITA strongly encourages signing this manifesto, which opposes “an ultra-liberal society composed of autonomous individuals, completely independent, who control their life and death” and advocates “a society of solidarity and interdependence ready to assist those who are vulnerable”. VITA’s End-of-Life SOS Service follows this line, by offering listening support to the individuals affected, their loved ones and their caregivers. Tugdual Derville, Alliance VITA’s General Delegate, author of “The Battle of Euthanasia” (Salvator Editions) declares: “Today, both professionals and volunteers in palliative care insist that euthanasia is incompatible with the palliative approach. While some people with outspoken opinions attempt to persuade and confuse, it is essential that the voice of palliative caretakers be heard and supported. Their mission brings comfort to the people they are taking care of, handling complex situations, which have nothing to do with minimizing slogans, or easy solutions”. Facing the challenge of the end of the life of the people they are taking care for, their practice is a source of pacification.  They assume the responsibility for handling complex situations for these individuals; which is incongruous with minimizing slogans, or proposing easy arrangement concepts”.]]>

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