Inadmissibly Endorsing Infanticide


Alliance VITA firmly denounces the media coverage via “Konbini” (a French pop culture website), regarding a woman who declares having killed her severely disabled 3-year-old child more than 30 years ago.

Caroline Roux, Alliance Vita’s Assistant General Delegate asserts:  “It is unacceptable to publicly endorse infanticide. All children have the right to be protected, especially when they are weak, frail or disabled. This media coverage is utterly insulting to people with disabilities and to their loved ones.

In order to support people facing life issues of severe dependency and the End-of-Life, Alliance VITA has developed a specialized listening service. VITA members are particularly attentive to the difficulties arising from dependency and care-givers exhaustion. Caroline Roux empathizes: “It is understandable that these parents were overwhelmed by their son’s handicap. In this type of circumstance, it is absolutely necessary to seek help”. And continues  “This woman’s justification for killing her son  is endangering other children and their parents, even to the point of causing a pandemonium, as happened previously following reports published on this site.

A few months ago, the same website broadcast a video of Jacqueline Jencquel who declared that she didn’t want to live beyond a certain age, where she might risk losing her self-sufficiency. Thus this French woman has set a date to end her life in a Swiss clinic in 2020 by assisted suicide. People with disabilities felt deeply hurt and strongly denounced her assertion which was an affront to their dignity. In the weeks following the broadcast, Alliance VITA’s SOS End-of-Life Service received a landslide of requests for information on assisted suicide from mentally-weak individuals.


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