Abortion – removal of the reflection period


In the context of the application of the new measures created by the January 26, 2916 Health Law, the 7-day reflection period has been removed for women wishing to proceed with an abortion, and this remains a sensitive issue.

Grégoire JAHAN, Delegate for Alliance VITA in the Haute-Garonne department, has just been interviewed by the “Nouveau Journal Toulousain” on this issue, against Muriel Piwo, a militant from “Osez le féminisme 31” (Dare feminism 31)

Some extracts of our delegate’s response:

« Those who promote the amendment to remove the reflection period before abortion, pretend that this reflection period would be “condescending and contemptuous”. However many women who solicit our crisis center www.sosbebe.org tell us that their decision is not easy. For a pregnant woman, whose body undergoes changes related to the presence of another life inside her, it is normal to experience ambivalence and to be torn between accepting the child and the upheavals that this child will bring in their life.

The reflection period after the first consultation for an abortion offers a time of freedom which protects women from panic and outside pressure and also allows time for a sometimes difficult dialogue with the father of the child. This time allows the women to gather information on abortion, but also on social aid (subsidies for young children, lodging, unemployment…) and on the rights for pregnant women (job protection…). In fact what is truly “contemptuous” for the women who need this time period, is to qualify it as “condescending”.”

This is the first time that we have heard that reflection could impede choice and freedom. Whenever signing a contract, before an esthetic surgical operation or a purchase of a high amount, the absence of such reflection period would be considered unfair… then why should it be removed in the case of abortion where the effect is irreversible, seals the destiny and leaves indelible marks? In fact, according to the 2010 IFOP, an independent French polling and survey institute, 83% of women think that “abortion leaves psychological traces which are complicated for women to live with”.

Therefore, even if it is no longer mandatory, this reflection period should be kept for women to be truly free in making their decision.”

For the full debate : Le Nouveau Journal Toulousain


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