Council of Europe: De Sutter’s report on Surrogacy suspended

During the June 21, 2016 session, during which the new report “Human Rights and ethical questions related to surrogacy” should have been examined, the Committee for Social Affairs of the Parliamentary Assembly at the Council of Europe suspended the work for procedural reasons.

This new report, which is highly controversial, was presented by Petra De Sutter, Belgian Senator and gynecologist. This is the repeat occurrence for this rapporteur, for whom there was a conflict of interest cited, since she personally practices surrogacy in her professional activity. Her relationship with an Indian Clinique was also revealed. Her first report was rejected last March 15: it planned European guidelines for surrogacy, in other words to authorize this practice, contrary to Human Rights.

No Maternity Traffic, of which Alliance VITA is a partner, « remains attentive to the Committee’s decision on Rules of Procedure, who is expected to rule on certain procedural irregularities, especially whether the committee can remove the rapporteur of her functions.”

Alliance VITA supports No Maternity Trafficfor the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe to reject and condemn all forms of surrogacy as contrary to human rights and human dignity.”



June 22, 2016 Press Release from No Maternity Traffic


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