Surrogacy: Alliance VITA given a hearing at the French National Assembly

On June 1, 2016 Alliance VITA was given a hearing as part of the preparatory work for the examination of bills which aim to strengthen the ban on surrogacy in France, which will be examined next June 16th.

At that time, two complementary draft bills are scheduled to be examined.

First there is the constitutional draft bill with Deputy Philippe GOSSELIN (Manche region) as rapporteur, aimed at obtaining constitutional recognition for the principle of the inalienability of the human body. Currently in the Civil Code, articles 16 and seq. already garantee the inalienability of the human body. However, the intention is to reinforce this provision by adding to article 1 of the Constitution “The French Republic, faithful to its’ humanistic values, ensures and guarantees the respect of the principle of inalienability of the human body”.

The other draft bill is submitted by Deputy Valérie Boyer, and aims at strengthening the legal restrictions against surrogacy. A special criminal offence would be instituted to prohibit promoting surrogacy. Likewise, if parentage is proved to be a direct or indirect result of surrogacy practiced abroad, the foreign civil status registers would not be recognized in France. It also recommends that France propose adopting an international convention banning reproductive and gestational surrogacy

During the hearing, Caroline Roux, Alliance VITA’s Assistant General Delegate and Director of VITA International, underlined the importance of reinforcing the current law banning surrogacy, noting that the dissuasive measures for surrogacy are in the process of being eliminated: “ It is extremely troubling to see this “procreation market” being imported into France. Today, France would be forsaking its ethical foundations by allowing an ultra-liberal procreation business. This is why the two draft bills go beyond the traditional left-right political opposition : there has to be agreement by all who support human dignity, women’s rights and the protection of children. We need to have clear legislation, such as proposed in this bill, and it needs to be fully enforced. It is essential that the rule of law be implemented effectively.”

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