[Press Release]: Indecent Attempt from lobbyists to use All Souls’ Day to promote euthanasia


Alliance VITA denounces the lobbyists’ attempt to use the traditional day for commemorating deceased family members on November 2nd. to promote euthanasia, even though recent reports from Belgium and Holland demonstrate how euthanasia leads towards a downward spiral.

In Belgium, according to an official report published this month, there were over 2000 cases of euthanasia in 2015, twice the number recorded in 2010. Vulnerable people, suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or depression, are increasingly exposed. Since 2014 the law also authorizes euthanasia for minors of any age.

In Holland, over 5500 cases of euthanasia were noted in 2015, an increase of 75% in 5 years. The government has just announced that it hopes to legalize assisted suicide for elderly individuals who are “tired of living”, even if they are in good health.

November 2nd should be reserved for reverence

and spared from manipulation

Tugdual Derville, Alliance VITA’s General Delegate and author of “The Battle against Euthanasia” (Salvator editions) states:

“The French are especially attached to taking time on this day to mark their commemoration, in memory of the suffering related to their grief, and often this brings them life forces. Decorating the cemetery tombs and performing specific traditional memorial acts may help us connect today’s society with those who are no longer present. It is particularly indecent to circumvent this day in favor of an ideological objective to target death. No group of lobbyists or militants should be allowed to replace popular traditions by inventing days dedicated to advocating death.”

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