Surrogacy to be banned in Cambodia?

The Cambodian government is considering a law banning commercial surrogacy, a move already taken by Thailand, Nepal and India.

The Justice Ministry spokesman made the disclosure on Wednesday October 26, 2016, in a meeting with members of the government, non-governmental organizations (NGO) and legal experts.

According to the research made by the Ministry the cost of surrogacy in Cambodia ranges between $20,000 to $50,000 US dollars.

The minister expressed his concern that vulnerable Cambodian women are being exploited to become surrogate mothers by unscrupulous agencies.

There are about 40 surrogacy providers and brokers operating in Cambodia, including those who relocated in this country from Thailand and India, following the current moves to shut-off surrogacy for all foreigners (a law was recently voted in Thailand – law of February 19, 2015 – and there is a proposition in progress in India).

This announcement is a confirmation of an impulse in Asia to condemn surrogacy in order to protect women in dire situations from this shameful traffic.


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