[Press Release] Alliance VITA launches an unprecedented information campaign to reduce abortion focusing on men’s opinion


On Tuesday November 29, 2017 Alliance VITA launched throughout France an unusual survey and information campaign investigating on men’s opinion on abortion. It was held in the streets with over 600 female volunteers from Alliance VITA and on the web via a dedicated site created to clear up the misunderstandings: levonslesmalentendus.alliancevita.org.

And what if men could also play a part in reducing abortions?

Alliance VITA’s new campaign is motivated by this strong belief. Men in the street are invited to give their opinions and respond to a few questions from the volunteers. The role of men is often ignored during the discussions on abortion… Yet in every case of pregnancy a man is involved. The work at the crisis center and SOS baby listening service consistently demonstrates that men have many misconceptions on sexuality, contraception and pregnancy. These misconceptions account for many abortions that women reluctantly undergo, and which could be avoided.

Sexuality, maternity, paternity: the time has come for reconciliation between men and women. For Alliance VITA this is the prerequisite condition for a genuine abortion prevention policy.

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