Preventing Abortion in Europe 

On June 22, 2017, Alliance VITA participated in the international seminar on « Preventing Abortion in Europe, Legal Framework and Social Policies”, which was organized by the European Centre for Law & Justice (ECLJ) in Brussels. Every year, 4 million European women have abortions performed. There are large disparities in abortion rates between different countries. For example, Sweden, France and the UK have considerably high abortion rates, whereas in the past few years other countries such as Italy and Germany have registered a decline.  The seminar intended to identify legal, sociological and health aspects which contribute to developing an effective prevention policy, with particular focus on preventing abortions among the youth. Conferences were given by approximately 15 experts: jurists, attorneys, professors, as well as professional experienced counselors. The afternoon session focused on analyzing risk factors, and the social and human consequences of abortion, followed by several European countries sharing their experience for preventing abortion. Caroline Roux, VITA International’s Director, and Coordinator for Alliance VITA’s Crisis and Helpline Center, presented the status of abortion prevention in France. → Click here to access her presentation: “Is abortion prevention possible in France?” in its entirety.]]>

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