[Press Release]: Alliance VITA protests fatherless ART


Alliance VITA takes note of the government’s reply to the French Ethics Advisory Committee’s (“CCNE”) following the latter’s convoluted and non-consensual announcement in favor of fatherless ART under certain conditions.  During Wednesday’s press conference, the government’s spokesman announced their desire “to convert the CCNE’s advice into a legislative viewpoint” and “to find the best legislative procedure”.

Tugdual Derville, Alliance VITA’s General Delegate:

“We take note of the government’s announcement to ‘elucidate the majority’s consensus’. However, this plan is contradictory to the intention to legalize, especially since a legislative process has not yet been carried out. Although the ethics committee members themselves have very conflicting opinions, they requested having an open debate, and recommended that the public be consulted on this issue. The government cannot underestimate the enormous risk of introducing another societal conflict, which threatens to create deeper divisions in the French population. Alliance VITA, as well as numerous other movements with various political and philosophical viewpoints, intends to strongly protest fatherless ART on behalf of protecting “a child’s rights” vs. “the right to have a child”. Together we can collaborate to circumvent this crucial and decisive shift, instead of veering toward the lucrative global procreation market. Ultra-liberalism disregards the rights of the weakest, since it only considers human beings as merchandise to be bought and sold. Together we are all ready to march in the streets, uniting on the broadest possible communal basis. For the honor of France, the country of universal human rights, it is our duty to stand up against the commodification of human beings.” 

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