[Press Release] MAP without a father: Alliance VITA involved in defense of children


Alliance VITA speaks out on Marlene Schiappa’s recent affirmation that for the upcoming bioethical law revision, the government will propose that Medically-assisted Procreation (MAP) be extended “to all women” without any pre-requisite of establishing medical infertility.  

As Coordinator for the Alliance VITA’s Hotline Listening Center, Caroline Roux claims: “How seriously ironic that the State Secretary, whose task is to work in favor of equality for women and men, asserts that MAP without a father is an issue of “social justice”. What an improper use of terminology! This is a return to the law of the jungle where “might is right” for the survival of the fittest, while recommending an original injustice for children. This is double punishment for children: starting from the original mistreatment of purposefully depriving them of their biological origins, plus cutting them off from any paternal relationship. This is truly original mistreatment and an abuse of power being inflicted on children, by refusing the dual paternal and maternal filiation which constitutes their identity. With the domino effect, some minority groups will then claim that surrogate mothers should be made available to men who also desire children.”

Tugdual Derville, Alliance VITA’s General Delegate, also reminds us: “We call on the President of the French Republic. It is for him to tell us what his priorities are for France. The government cannot ignore the huge risk of opening a new social cleavage which would deeply divide the French, whereas what is needed more than ever, is to gather together, calmly, with even tempers. If President Emmanuel Macron created this social smoke screen, we should protest its unfairness to the children by marching in the streets. In VITA, as well as many different associations from various political and philosophical backgrounds, we are strongly positioned against MAP without a father, in the name of the “right of the child” compared to the “right to have a child”. It’s a question of working together to prevent this landmark upheaval toward the global procreation market. In ultra-liberalism, the rights of the weak and feeble are ignored, since human beings are visualized as a product that one can acquire. We are all prepared to march in the streets with the largest number of participants possible based on our common convictions. The honor of France, as the country of Universal Human Rights, must be defended by resisting the commodification of the body.”

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