Booming Chinese Business: Artificial Reproductive Techniques (ART)


When China’s government abolished their one-child law, it triggered unprecedented consequences on surrogacy, since the Chinese are now resorting to it, and some of them are even going abroad to circumvent the Chinese law. The majority of couples who have a single child now wish to have a second child. However they are either too old or they want to select the sex and/or verify that there are no disabilities. However these practices are prohibited by Chinese law, as well as freezing oocytes or embryos. Some couples circumvent the Chinese law and go to Southeast Asia. In China, nearly 80 million women are missing due to gender selective abortion, because Chinese families prefer to have a boy rather than a girl. In 40 years, 330 million selective abortions could have been practiced. For demographic reasons, China now strongly prohibits this practice, while international and European organizations severely condemn this practice based on human rights’ regulations. According to the Qianzhan State Research Institute, this so-called “reproductive tourism” registered 1.4 billion dollars of business last year and has already grown by 22% this year. The president of Singapore’s “Borderless Health Group” announced: Southeast Asia has a new industrial business chain“. Their future plans include developing sperm and egg banks in Thailand, Australia and the United States, primarily to target the Chinese.  ]]>

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