Surrogacy: Trapped by a Certain Conception of Artificial Conception?


“I’d like to extract us out of a trap that is contaminating the surrogacy debate these days. This trap is consequentialism. I’d like to suggest an exercise to explain the word, and the trap that goes with it. First of all, let’s consider how good it is for each of us to exist, no matter how we have been conceived. Life is good. Every life is respectable, unique, and irreplaceable. To acknowledge this and accept its inherent consequences, is a proof of compassion. Having done this, I suggest that we go into our genealogical background (whatever we may know about it): our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and all our ancestors since the beginning of the human family … Here are my cousins – because genetics teaches us that we are all cousins – this forms a rather impressive gallery of family portraits. Now, we must acknowledge that at some level in this genealogy, everything has not always been easy regarding procreation. Common sense tells us that we were all born as a result of an accident, an injustice, a violence or even occasionally a criminal act… If some atrocities had not been committed in the past, many of us would not exist today! Does that mean that we should approve of these atrocities? Or else relinquish life? Of course not. If I shoulder any and all events that have resulted in my precious existence, I do not necessarily approve of them. This would be falling into the trap of consequentialism, which makes us approve of an act when its consequence is good. As if the end could justify the means. Well, this is precisely what surrogacy promoters are currently doing when they exhibit the children born via surrogate mothers, to endorse this reproductive technique. A recent article from the “Parisien” was entitled: Born via Surrogacy: “Who can say that my existence is horrible?” But nobody says that. Especially not me. Every life is welcome. But this does not mean that we should approve of a reproductive technique which is a mistreatment exploiting and shattering motherhood. Since life is the result, according to this strange pro-life standpoint, this is a proof that the means are good. Well no! Otherwise, we would have to endorse right now artificial uteruses, and acts of sexual violence which led to conception! Every mistreatment must be refused and fought. And what was true for my ancestors still holds true for my own conception. It is something difficult to admit for children born via surrogacy, because their love for life and for their parents is used to praise this reproductive technique which bears good fruit, i.e. their own life, but simultaneously turns them into innocent victims. A tragical trap that needs to be eluded! ” ___________________________________________ Editorial Tugdual Derville’s Editorial, September 21, 2018 (RCF)  ]]>

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