[Press Release] Following Wide-Scale Public Debates: French Opinions on Revising Bioethics Law


As several revisions in the bioethics law are scheduled to be debated at the French Parliament in the coming months, Alliance VITA asked citizens to rank the 16 propositions. 

A few days after the press conference was held, subsequent to the wide-scale public debates, an IFOP opinion poll was conducted to survey French opinions to revisions in the bioethics law.

The results show that only 1% of the French rated “revising the bioethics law to allow single women and female couples to have access to ART (Assisted Reproductive Techniques) without a father or male partner” as a number 1 priority. Merely 6% of the population rated this issue among their top 3 priorities!  Consequently, this proposed reform finishes in last place, along with 2 others ranked as “least important“.

Tugdual Derville, Alliance VITA’s General Delegate, states:

“This opinion poll undeniably confirms that the French are concerned about other issues, versus that of changing current bioethical principles, especially that of allowing ART without a father, which would rescind the basic principles of procreation and parentage. If French President Macron listens to his fellow citizens subsequent to the National Consultations on Bioethics, and the Public Debates, he would be well-advised to stop trying to force through this reform. For his fellow citizens it is neither a prime concern, nor consensual, and would only contribute to dividing the French even further. It even appears shameful that Parliament waste precious time debating this reform, ahead of many other legitimate issues and priorities that need to be addressed! Recall that the ART without a father was not part of Macron’s election campaign promises, and that he also promised calm, peaceful dialogues focused on consensus. This has definitely not yet been established. Quite obviously, the French remain attached to the importance of the father’s role in society. “

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