French Bill to Allow Abortions at 14 Weeks of Pregnancy


On Friday June 7, the French Senate adopted an amendment introduced by Senator Laurence Rossignol, to extend the time limit for legal abortions from 12 to 14 weeks of pregnancy, as part of the country’s new health bill.

Following a rising ‘surprise’ vote, in a practically vacant session, 12 voted in favor and 10 against. Thus the amendment was adopted in spite of opposition by the government and the rapporteur, Alain Milon.

Mrs Rossignol quoted one of the claims of the family planning protesting that there is no “scientific consensus about the definition of a legal time limit”.

French senator Rossignol also sponsored an amendment to revoke the specific conscience clause for abortion. This time, the bill was rejected by a vote of 247 to 92, since those present can cast absentee ballots on behalf of those who are not present.

When the joint committee meets to rule on the complete text of the bill, this article is expected to be rejected.

Alliance VITA points out:

This ideological “coup” is very far from considering the real life of women and couples who face unexpected pregnancies. To promote more and more abortions, without proposing any other options in a situation where lives are at stake, is absolutely irresponsible. Our position is to repeat our appeal for a scientific report on the situations that lead women to request abortion and on the consequences following this act in order to have a genuine abortion prevention policy.

A 2016 IFOP survey reported that 89% of French people believe that abortion leaves women with psychological scars, and that 72% think society should help women avoid abortion.

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