[Press Release]: French Bioethics Bill: That’s Enough, Stop the Fiasco!


Alliance VITA denounces the government’s obstinacy to push through the bioethics law as soon as July 27th, a proof of its lack of respect for the parliament members’ contributions.

Tugdual Derville, Alliance VITA’s General Delegate deplores the current fiasco:

“Scheduling the proceedings for bioethics bill in the National Assembly during the very last week of July is absurd and grossly unfair. President Macron is thereby betraying the French by breaking his own promise of conducting a peaceful debate. In the midst of his Cabinet’s reshuffle and following with the same rationale as naming Jean-Louis Touraine as rapporteur for the bill, the French president now lets the most transgressive members of his party wield the debate.

As a result, after having tossed out the viewpoints solicited throughout the National Consultations on Bioethics and the hearings at the presidential Elysée Palace, he let the special commission vote on newly added provisions, in the absence of his ministers; including provisions which were previously refuted by his own government. How can he simultaneously pamper a small minority electoral niche, while dismissing the needs of the most vulnerable, all the while presuming he can call on the country to make united efforts to tackle an unprecedented economic and healthcare crisis? “

Through a special committee, the MP’s have adopted a text replete with serious ethical transgressions; including motherhood broken into pieces using IVF for two mothers with ROPA (reception of oocytes from a partner), endorsing more extensive PGD (preimplantation genetic diagnosis) to detect chromosomal abnormalities such as Down’s syndrome, authorizing the creation of human-animal chimeras and transgenic human embryos, as well as legalizing ART without a father (assisted reproductive techniques) which misappropriates the nation’s medical resources and public finances.

Enough is enough! Stop the fiasco! Alliance VITA requests for the Prime Minister to postpone this debate and, above all, requests for the government to stand firm against the minority of MPs who behave like lobbyists while concealing themselves behind their parliamentary status.

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