Birth Rate Drops in France for a Sixth Year in a Row


The annual demographic report for 2020 published by the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (“INSEE”) shows yet again a decrease in birth rates in France.

The “INSEE” reported: ” For the past six consecutive years the birth rate has continuously fallen. In 2020, 740,000 babies were born in France, meaning a drop by 1.8% or 13,000 fewer births than in 2019. The total fertility rate, or the sum of age-specific fertility rates, fell in 2020 with 1.84 children per woman compared to 1.86 in 2019. Between 2006 and 2014, the rate was approximately 2 births per woman, although 2.1 is considered to be the threshold for population renewal. The average age of motherhood which is now close to age 31 (30.7) should also be taken into consideration.”

Despite this constant decline in births for the past several years, the latest survey published on January 14th this year, by the National Union of Associations for Families (“UNAF”), revealed that the French would like to have more children.

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