Demonstration held by No Maternity Traffic in Brussels

  No Maternity Traffic, the organization which regroups several associations of which Alliance VITA is an active member, demonstrated in Brussels on Saturday May 3rd to protest against the conference organized by “Men Having Babies” in favor of promoting Gestational Surrogacy (GS). This conference promoting GS was attended by approximately one hundred potential “clients” and several American firms were present proposing services to homosexuals desiring to become parents via surrogate mothers, for prices ranging from $77 000 up to $171 000. This was quite obviously a “Surrogate Mother Trade Fare” which Belgium deputy, Karin Jiroflée, denounced unhesitatingly as “Human Trafficking.” Several dozens sentinels from No Maternity Traffic were gathered together in a rally which was authorized by the authorities, in order to call public attention to the reality of this practice. Their presence has fuelled the debate in the Belgian press, about the ethical issues at stake thereby forcing politicians to voice an opinion. No Maternity Traffic reiterates the necessity of a world-wide ban on GS in order to protect women and children from all kinds of commercial trafficking and asks the European Council to give their commitment to effectively prohibit all forms of GS. To sign the petition: To go further: Broadcast story RTBF : “Surrogate mothers’ Fair” ]]>

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