Gestational Surrogacy : Mexico restricts recourse to this practice on its territory

Due to its « attractive prices », 35,000 to 50,000 Euros compared to 130,000 in the United States, Mexico is considered as an « Eldorado » for Gestational Surrogacy practice.

But after India and Thailand, Mexico will equally be restricting this practice, which largely exploits the poverty of women, legalizes programmed abandonment of children and constitutes real trafficking of human beings.

This country could start limitations by closing the door to foreign purchasers and to homosexual men. The state of Tabasco, the only Mexican state which tolerates this practice, voted on the possibility of restricting this access to Mexican couples only, for women younger than 40 years of age, who can furnish medical evidence of physiological incapacity to bear children.

In France although this practice is forbidden, the French have recourse to this abroad, and especially in Mexico. Recently the press reported the case of two men having difficulty to return to France with two new-born twins, because the French Consulate based in Mexico refused to deliver a “travel pass” for the two babies, born from a surrogate mother.

Alliance VITA is a partner of the No Maternity Traffic association which has launched a call for universal abolishment of Gestational Surrogacy, a contemptible practice of marketing women’s bodies and of merchandising unborn children.

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