[Press Release] Alliance VITA Wins New Legal Battle for “Society will Progress” Campaign


Alliance VITA has just won a new victory in the case against “Mediatransports” who has been ordered by the President of the Appeals Court in Paris to pay fines to the association as well as pay for the procedural costs incurred. 

On 7 January 2020, the court had ordered “Mediatranports” to immediately resume posting the two visuals which had been unfairly censored and withdrawn. The company filed a plea to have the provisional execution suspended.

On January 2, 2020, “Mediatransports” unilaterally withdrew two of the three versions of the posters in Alliance VITA’s “Society will Progress” campaign, at the request of Parisian mayor Anne Hidalgo. Following Alliance VITA’s urgent court request, this censorship was judged as illegal two days later.

Despite the fact that the magistrate’s decision was legally binding with penalties, “Mediatransports” ignored the court order. The decision rendered by the appeals’ court confirms that the company had no legitimate reason not to obey the magistrate’s decision.


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