Choose humanity! Monday February 1, 2016


Seeing the enthusiasm generated by this 11th Bioethics conference, and the third videoconference throughout France and abroad with more than 6,000 participants again this year, Alliance VITA has decided to offer all followers on internet the possibility to follow the last session of the training cycle entitled “Our society in need of healing, how to act in favor of a culture of life?”

Tugdual Derville, Alliance VITA’s General Deputy, will speak live on our site: on the subject “CHOOSE HUMANITY!” In fact, this is a crucial challenge, both personal and collective, to which humanity is confronted today.

Don’t miss this on line conference, Monday February 1, 2016 from 21:45 to 22:00 on our internet site:


The Bioethics conferences are:

A training cycle in bioethics which addresses current challenges in bioethics throughout several evenings, where one can act in favor of serving life.

After two years focused on understanding the anthropological division “Who is Man?” in 2014, then “The body, from life to death” in 2015, this third cycle of Bioethics training in videoconference brings us towards finding solutions within our grasp, with the theme : “Our society in need of healing, how to act in favor of a culture of life?”.

A unique event organized and broadcast by Alliance VITA, thanks to its volunteer network composed of 1,100 committed individuals and 136 teams:

  • 120 cities connected
  • More than one hundred experts in the cities connected
  • 6,000 participants.


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