Publications : "Euthanasia and Suicide"

Inadmissibly Endorsing Infanticide

Alliance VITA firmly denounces the media coverage via “Konbini” (a French pop culture website), regarding a woman who declares having killed her severely disabled 3-year-old child more than 30 years ago. Caroline Roux, Alliance Vita’s Assistant General Delegate asserts:  “It is unacceptable to publicly endorse infanticide. All children have the right to be protected, especially […]

Suicides in France: Improve Understanding to Improve Prevention

On February 5, 2019 to mark the national day dedicated to preventing suicide, the French public health agency published several well-documented articles on suicide and attempted suicides in France over the past several years. High suicide rate in France According to the Center of Epidemiology statistics investigating medical causes of death, in 2015 there were […]

Euthanasia in the Netherlands: A Liberal Interpretation of the Law

The European Institute of Bioethics has evaluated the new medical code regarding Euthanasia, recently published by the regional euthanasia commissions in the Netherlands. This text explains how legal criteria relating to euthanasia must be interpreted, and reveals the ambiguities and contradictions of how this practice continues to drift off-course. According to the latest report, in […]